Waiting for your skills and experience to reach some imagined threshold before you “Go Live” is almost never wise. All too often we fall into a massive pit of preparation and become fatigued trying to claw our way out. Sadly many of our greatest gifts are abandoned before they’re ever shared with another human being. Don’t worry about being perfect my friend, finished is always better than perfect. Each painting, video, blog, article, book, game, podcast (or whatever) is simply another opportunity to workshop your skills, get some feedback, then go back to the lab and try try again!

You see, it’s not just the “craft” of whatever you’re making that you improve each time you publish/ship/go live, it’s also the myriad other things that come from sharing your work with others. We learn marketing, promotion & social media. We learn to receive constructive criticism gracefully, and of course, to ignore the ever-present trolls. All of these skills and more are part of your tool box and must be used regularly if they’re ever to grow and improve. So don’t be shy, be courageous! Share your journey and practice publicly. We’re all waiting to enjoy your work, don’t let another good idea die on the vine. Practice Out Loud!

-Your Friend